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Girls and gangs in Central America

Fleeing sex slavery should be grounds for refugee status, right? Not for girls from Honduras and El Salvador, whose plight is largely ignored by immigration bureaucracies in the United States and Mexico. Many get caught in Mexico, trying to make … Continue reading

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Fact check: Who are the terrorists?

Vox puts the numbers in perspective: you are more likely to die by having your clothing melt or catch on fire than you are to die from an immigrant terrorist attack.

With that in mind, maybe we ought to pass legislation mandating nudity. Continue reading

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Cheering for the Olympic refugee team: They’re already winners

Yusra Mardini and her sister fled the war in Syria, two teenagers making their way through Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, the Balkans and Central Europe to Germany. Crossing the Mediterranean in an overloaded rubber boat, they jumped in the water when … Continue reading

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63 million people and a crisis of solidarity

A new UN refugee agency report shows 65.3 million people forcibly displaced from their homes around the world. Of that number, 21.3 million are refugees and 3.2 million are seeking asylum. Another 40.8 million internally displaced persons live inside their … Continue reading

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Migrants still drowning, just in different waters

In April, cheery headlines assured us that stringent new EU limits on immigration, spelled out in a deal with Turkey, were already saving lives. That’s a lie. Apart from the other legal and logistical problems of this deal, tens of … Continue reading

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Women at risk

Femicide. Killing women. That’s what is happening in the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. In Women on the Run, the UN refugee agency reports: “El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras rank first, third, and seventh, respectively, for … Continue reading

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God help the refugees. God help us all.

Kenya announced last week that it will close all of its refugee camps, forcing more than 600,000 refugees to return to the violence they fled in their home countries of Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and other nearby countries. That’s terrible, but … Continue reading

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