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Crooked Texas Attorney General Sues to Stop Changes to Immigration Policy

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton last week filed a lawsuit to reverse President Biden’s executive orders on immigration. His lawsuit is based mainly on an illegal agreement between the outgoing Trump administration and Trump-supporting state and local officials in several jurisdictions.  … Continue reading

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Holding health care hostage to border wall and other immigration articles – April 24, 2017

The border wall should be a non-issue by now, with immigration officials, Republicans on the border, and just about every person with any background information agreeing that it’s a stupid idea. Everybody, that is, except the president. With a government … Continue reading

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Defending the DREAMers

Paola came to the United States from Mexico as a two-year-old. She’s 23 now. Jose was a child when his parents brought him here. Now he’s 30. Danna came when she was eight. Now she’s a 24-year-old college senior. Kenia … Continue reading

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After the Supreme Court failure on immigration — keep on talking, keep on walking

Hours after today’s disastrous Supreme Court immigration decision, a website called The Excluded popped up in my Facebook feed. The Excluded faces and stories of longtime U.S. residents who live every day at risk of deportation. “Noemi Romero, 24, has … Continue reading

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63 million people and a crisis of solidarity

A new UN refugee agency report shows 65.3 million people forcibly displaced from their homes around the world. Of that number, 21.3 million are refugees and 3.2 million are seeking asylum. Another 40.8 million internally displaced persons live inside their … Continue reading

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Let’s jail the children and call it child care

Texas, leading the nation as always, granted a child care license to a jail on April 29. It’s a special, private jail, an immigration detention center in Karnes City run by the private, for-profit GEO Group. The Texas license comes … Continue reading

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Three-year-olds, immigration law, and the presidential candidates

David Wilson and Jane Guskin explain what’s wrong with the mainstream immigration debate, including the Sanders/Clinton pseudo-discussion in their March 9 debate: “The media and the politicians treat the migration either as a natural disaster (‘flooding over the border’) or … Continue reading

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FBI blackmailing immigrants

I’ve been skeptical of BuzzFeed in the past, but once in a while they really nail it. Case in point: a January 28 story about the FBI demanding that Muslim immigrants spy on other Muslims as a pre-condition for having … Continue reading

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Immigration agents should not be above the law

No warrants, no consent, no lawyers — that’s the story told by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s first-person report on raids targeting Central American mothers and children in January. Here’s part of Ana Silvia’s story:

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