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Migrants still drowning, just in different waters

In April, cheery headlines assured us that stringent new EU limits on immigration, spelled out in a deal with Turkey, were already saving lives. That’s a lie. Apart from the other legal and logistical problems of this deal, tens of … Continue reading

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April mourning in the Mediterranean —again

One year ago, I wrote “At least seven hundred people, maybe 900 or more, were on the 70-foot ship that sank in the Mediterranean on Sunday. Almost all of them died.” Last week, it happened again. Another boat packed with refugees … Continue reading

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As borders close, refugee crisis in Europe escalates

This week, the already-terrible refugee crisis in Europe got worse, as Turkey and the E.U. reached an agreement that severely restricts refugee movement, and Balkan nations closed borders, leaving refugees stranded in makeshift camps.

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‘Death is our destiny’ — Syrian refugees

As U.S. attention focuses on ugly Republican debates, Syrians continue to die: some before they can escape the bombs, and others, after escaping, drowning in the Aegean Sea. Throughout the region, countries are overwhelmed with refugees. Jordan has 1.4 million … Continue reading

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