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Migrants still drowning, just in different waters

In April, cheery headlines assured us that stringent new EU limits on immigration, spelled out in a deal with Turkey, were already saving lives. That’s a lie. Apart from the other legal and logistical problems of this deal, tens of … Continue reading

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April mourning in the Mediterranean —again

One year ago, I wrote “At least seven hundred people, maybe 900 or more, were on the 70-foot ship that sank in the Mediterranean on Sunday. Almost all of them died.” Last week, it happened again. Another boat packed with refugees … Continue reading

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‘Death is our destiny’ — Syrian refugees

As U.S. attention focuses on ugly Republican debates, Syrians continue to die: some before they can escape the bombs, and others, after escaping, drowning in the Aegean Sea. Throughout the region, countries are overwhelmed with refugees. Jordan has 1.4 million … Continue reading

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