Immigration News: January 25, 2022

The governors of Florida and Texas seem to be competing to see who can show the most hostility toward immigrants, as they jockey for position in the 2024 Republican presidential race. In his latest move, Florida’s governor tries again to block the entry of immigrants, mostly unaccompanied children who would be housed in shelters until placed with family members or foster families. 

[AP] “All Florida government agencies would be prohibited from doing business with transportation companies that bring immigrants who are in the country illegally into the state under a priority bill for Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that received its first legislative approval Monday, …

“Democratic Sen. Tina Polsky said most of the immigrants being brought to Florida are children. She and others said the bill would prevent children from being united with their families or resettled with a sponsor. She said the bill was more about sending a message about Biden, who has served just more than one year, than it was about enacting good policy.”

Biden needs to stop defending Trump immigration policies. We need a humane, reasoned approach to asylum and immigration, and we need it now. 

[Vox] “The Department of Justice is actively fighting in federal court for border restrictions that have barred most asylum seekers from entering the US. In separate federal cases, it has argued that the policy of separating migrant families under former President Donald Trump was lawful, and has fought against payouts for those families….

“There has been a steady stream of resignations among immigration officials in his administration, most recently those of two former advocates, Tyler Moran and Esther Olavarria. Meanwhile, Republicans regularly ridicule Biden’s policies, falsely claiming that he is an “open borders” Democrat. They hope that characterization will stick in the midterms, despite the fact that he has maintained Trump’s border restrictions, policies Republicans continue to praise. …

” In just one year, the Biden administration has used the [Title 42] policy to carry out more than 1 million expulsions of migrants arriving on the southern border, either sending them back to potential danger in overwhelmed border cities in Mexico or to their home countries. Public health experts, however, have repeatedly argued that there is no scientific rationale for the policy and that it’s possible to safely process people at the border with the right precautions.”

And in other news

One family’s ordeal: twenty years to an asylum decision. This is not the way any rational or humane system works. 

[MSN] “Friday’s virtual hearing focused on the dangers of sending the family back to Afghanistan, which is currently under Taliban control. That was also the case in 2001, when Ahmed and a pregnant Sima were in hiding with 2-year-old Shugufa due to threats they faced from the fundamentalist regime. The family made it to New York one month before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“Their request for asylum spanned four presidential administrations and encountered delay after delay.

“For Ahmed and Sima, who respectively worked as an attorney and economist in Kabul before scraping by on low-wage jobs in the U.S., Friday’s decision was gratifying.”

Adoption and immigration come together for this actor.

“For actor Sun Mee Chomet, one of the adult actors in the play, the story at the heart of [MinnPost] “Bina’s Six Apples” is one that is close to her heart, in that, as an international adoptee from Korea, her life was immeasurably impacted by the Korean War, even though it took place before she was born….

“Chomet said up until about 10 years ago, there weren’t many stories about adoption that were written from the perspective of Korean adoptees. Instead the narrative was mostly dominated by white people or adoptive parents.

“The same issue arises when looking at historical narratives about the Korean War.

“’If you look up the Korean War on any website, the first thing that comes up is the experience of Americans. It’s so rare to have a story told from the perspective of the Korean people,’ Chomet said. ‘It’s telling the perspective of the people who are out of that country, and the impact of what that displacement did.’”

Trump-appointed members of the Federal Labor Relations Authority are sabotaging the Biden administration’s efforts to roll back attacks on the immigration judges’ union. 

[Government Executive] “In a 2-1 decision, the FLRA rejected requests by both the Justice Department’s Executive Office of Immigration Review and the National Association of Immigration Judges to throw out its controversial November 2020 decision decertifying the union….

“Mimi Tsankov, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, said she was outraged at the decision, specifically because it overrules not only labor law precedent, but the wishes of all parties involved in the case. She said the union will continue to fight to overturn the ruling and is deliberating over their next steps in the matter.”

About Mary Turck

News Day, written by Mary Turck, analyzes, summarizes, links to, and comments on reports from news media around the world, with particular attention to immigration, education, and journalism. Fragments, also written by Mary Turck, has fiction, poetry and some creative non-fiction. Mary Turck edited TC Daily Planet,, from 2007-2014, and edited the award-winning Connection to the Americas and AMERICAS.ORG, in its pre-2008 version. She is also a recovering attorney and the author of many books for young people (and a few for adults), mostly focusing on historical and social issues.
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