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Lowest Refugee Numbers Ever

Back from a long weekend on Lake Superior, to the not-unexpected news that Trump has cut refugee numbers again, setting the cap for fiscal year 2019 at a historic low of 30,000. Last year, he reduced the cap on refugee … Continue reading

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Art of the Deal: Asylees, Deportees, and Budgets

Trying to catch up, as the week slips away from me. Yesterday’s big news included a new deal to allow about one thousand parents to re-apply for asylum, a Trump push to pay Mexico to deport Central Americans before they … Continue reading

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What This Country Needs: More Jail Beds for Immigrant Kids

Remember the tent city in the Texas desert serving as a “temporary shelter” for children? It started with 360 beds, grew to 1,200, and now now the ironically named Department of Health and Human Services has announced plans to more … Continue reading

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47 Days and Still Counting for Almost 500 Children

As children wait in the United States, lawyers and human rights workers trek across the countryside and up and down the mountains of Central America, looking for the parents who have been deported. The ACLU’s Lee Gelernt explains: “To find … Continue reading

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Stories of Stupid: ICE Ghostbusters, Bank of America, DOJ Denialism

Despite a total lack of evidence, the Trump/Sessions regime continues to insist that voter fraud is rampant and that non-citizens vote by the millions. Their latest target is North Carolina, where courts have repeatedly confirmed Republican election violations through gerrymandering. … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Rural Immigrants, Border Security, and Polls

In the flood of news from Washington, important stories sometimes get overlooked. Here are three: immigration in rural America, security on the southern border, and deciphering polling questions.

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Jailing More Children, Breaking More Rules

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Health and Human Services (HHS) have proposed new rules for the treatment of children in immigration detention. Their proposal would end the Flores Settlement that has protected children since 1997. “The proposed regulations … Continue reading

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