This Week: Ten Cases


Each week, FWD.US compiles a list of individual cases that show the human consequences of U.S. immigration law. They are added to an on-going tracker, as part of FWD.US efforts to move toward fixing our country’s broken immigration system.  Here are this week’s cases, as compiled by FWD.US. 

Individual Cases:

Fearing Deportation, a Westchester NY Family, Juan and Maria Guambana and Their 8-Year Child Moved into South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry That Has Offered Them Sanctuary. The Guambana’s oldest son is a DACA recipient. “The Guambanas fled Ecuador in 1999. For more than 20 years Juan Guambana has voluntarily paid federal income taxes, started his own landscaping business and bought a house in Ossining. The Guambanas turned to a local attorney to begin the process to obtain legal status. Instead, they say they were put at risk of deportation when the unidentified attorney advised them to leave the country voluntarily, promising it would result in the the easiest path to legal re-entry. The family is now working with the Hudson Valley Community Coalition to reopen their immigration case.” [ABC 7 NY, 9/26/18]

Hailey, Idaho Man Alfonso Chanco Was Granted Six-month Stay of Deportation to Continue Caring for His Daughter With a Disability, Faces Deportation in April 2018. Chanco was ordered deported by 10/1 but was granted a last minute extension by ICE, backed by 33,000 petitioners across the country. Chanco is the primary provider for his family, his youngest son an elementary-schooler is an American citizen and his daughter Rubi, a high-schooler, suffers from a rare musculoskeletal disorder; requiring constant care and financial support. [Idaho Mountain Express, 9/26/18]

As a Result of ICE Raids Across Wisconsin Father of Three, Erick Gamboa Chay Was Arrested by ICE While he and His Family Were Getting Ready for Baptism. ICE agents banged on the door of his Milwaukee home, claiming to be the police, and arrested Chay for previously driving without a license; they subsequently denied him bond. Chay’s three children, ages 8,4, and 1, who are currently staying with extended family, hid in the attic and cried as their father was taken away. [ThinkProgress, 9/25/18]

As a Result of ICE Raids Across Wisconsin, Jesús Enciso Was Detained by ICE on His Way to Work With His Son and Four Coworkers. “On Friday morning, my husband was driving to work with our son and four coworkers,” Angela Betancourt, Enciso’s wife of 29 years, told Voces de la Frontera. “My son was driving because he has a license. Agents in two cars pulled them over, made everyone get out and asked for all their documents. They took away the five men including my husband. I don’t know why ICE would detain him. He is a hard worker, he provides for our family. We have not been able to communicate with him. We are very sad and we need him here with us.”

[ThinkProgress, 9/25/18]

OH Mother of Four U.S.-Born Children, ages 5 to 16, Maribel Trujillo-Diaz Returns to U.S. After Court Rules Her Stay of Removal Should Not Have Been Rejected, Her Asylum Case has Been Reopened. Trujillo-Diaz’s attorneys petitioned ICE to allow her back into the U.S. so she could attend her court hearings. The basis of the court’s decision in January was due to new testimony about threats made by a major Mexican drug cartel to her father about her and her family. Her next hearing is set for summer 2019. [, 9/25/18]

Daytona Beach, FL Resident Doris Fuentes, Suffering From Kidney Disease Granted Additional Year in U.S. While Her Stay of Removal Application is Processed. Fuentes an undocumented immigrant faced immediate deportation after having lived in the U.S. for two decades. Her immigration attorney won a stay of removal for her in part due to her suffering from kidney disease, two of her doctors having reporter that her deportation to Honduras would be akin to a “death sentence.” [Daytona Beach News Journal, 9/25/18]

Mauritanian OH resident Seyni Malick Diagne, Deported to Country Where Black Mauritanians Are Subject to Slavery, Stateless. Reveal Covers his Return to the Country That Terrorized Him and His Family. “Diagne’s Aug. 22 flight had a stop in Morocco. One of his friends, Hamidou Sy, spoke to Diagne recently. This is what Diagne told him: after arriving in Mauritania, officers booked Diagne into a jail, where he lived in a cell with more than 70 men who were forced to urinate into plastic bottles and were beaten by guards. After 13 days in jail, Diagne told Sy he bribed officials with about $1,500. He was released and a relative took him to Senegal.” [Reveal, 9/24/18]

Cloyd Edralin, a Highland Park NJ Resident and Green Card Holder, Was Arrested and Threatened With Deportation Due to a 12-year-old BB Gun Possession Charge. Edralin who was arrested outside his home while getting into his car for work on June 4th, has since been released after a judge’s order. In 2007, Edralin was pulled over in a traffic stop on Interstate 287 in Edison. He was cited for possessing a BB gun, spent four years on probation. Edralin can now apply for naturalization and then become an American citizen. The process may be completed within a year. [New Jersey 12, 9/21/18, GoFundMe]

Detroit Resident Francis Anwana Who is Deaf and Has a Learning Disability Faces Deportation, Removal Halted for 30 Days, Pending Review in Late October. ICE had previously ordered that Anwana leave the U.S. by 9/11 only giving him 5 days notice. His attorneys were able to put his deportation on hold. Anwana’s deportation order was met with public outcry from advocacy groups and elected officials like Representative Dan Kildee who has introduced legislation that would block his removal. “Born in Nigeria, Anwana came to the U.S. at the age of 13 on a visa to study at the Lutheran School for the Deaf and later the Michigan School for the Deaf. His visa expired as the directors of schools and group homes he stayed at moved around and his case was forgotten.In addition to being deaf, Anwana can’t speak and has cognitive disabilities that put him at a second-grade reading level, said his advocates. He lived in Flint for years before recently moving to Detroit, where he now stays in an adult foster care home on Detroit’s west side. He mows lawns and cleans floors at a nearby church. In 2006, an attorney applied for political asylum on his behalf, but was denied and he was ordered removed. But he was allowed to stay in the U.S. and checked in regularly with ICE. In a video posted Friday after his meeting with ICE, Anwana said through a sign language translator: “I want to stay here in America.”” [Detroit Free Press, 9/21/18]

Misael Quezada Flores a San Jose, CA Resident and Asylum Seeker Faces Deportation, Partner is More Than Seven Months Pregnant With Their Child. Flores immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico nearly 20 years ago but in May he was detained by ICE agents outside his home. Since his jailing he has been moved to a jail in Aurora, Colorado. Flores’s family has set up a GoFundMe account, seeking donations to help support for his partner Aguilera with expenses during her pregnancy. [SFGate, 9/21/18, GoFundMe Account]


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