Cruel and all-too-usual

Abuse of children ACLU report

The ACLU reviewed thousands of documents and reports widespread abuse of immigrant children in U.S. custody. On the Texas border, a Border Patrol officer shot and killed a young woman. Thomas Homan, acting ICE director, announced that ICE will begin aggressively deporting families. That’s all part of the immigration crackdown policy ordered by Trump and implemented by Sessions. Now Trump go even further, denying immigrants any kind of day in court.

In other news:

  • DACA on Capitol Hill
  • ICE in Massachusetts agrees to stop some office arrests
  • Minneapolis police cars and rights warnings
  • Trump’s latest immigration lies, debunked

Neglect and abuse of unaccompanied immigrant children by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (ACLU,5/22/18)

“Documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union featured “in a new report released today show the pervasive abuse and neglect of unaccompanied immigrant children detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The report was produced in conjunction with the International Human Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School….

“The documents show numerous cases involving federal officials’ verbal, physical and sexual abuse of migrant children; the denial of clean drinking water and adequate food; failure to provide necessary medical care; detention in freezing, unsanitary facilities; and other violations of federal law and policy and international law. The documents provide evidence that U.S. officials were aware of these abuses as they occurred, but failed to properly investigate, much less to remedy, these abuses.” 

Border Patrol shooting: The official story is that a Border Patrol officer investigating “illegal activity” was attacked by people wielding “blunt objects,” and then fired at least one round, striking the young woman in the head and killing her. At least one witness says she didn’t see an attack, and didn’t hear the officer giving any orders to stop.

Trump calls for sweeping changes to U.S. immigration legal process (CNN, 5/24/18)

“Whoever heard of a system where you put people through trials? Where do these judges come from?” he said.

“The suggestion of eliminating the courts and judges, however, is contrary to the policies currently being carried out by his own administration, and would likely violate the Constitution and international law in addition to federal law. The Justice Department declined to comment on the remarks.”

Trump made an immigration crackdown a priority. Jeff Sessions made it a reality. (Vox 5/23/18)

“Sessions isn’t using his leadership of the DOJ simply to make the immigration court system more efficient. He’s using the full extent of his power as attorney general to reduce the likelihood that a case gets resolved (quickly or otherwise) in an immigrant’s favorremoving tools and resources that make courts more efficient but improve immigrants’ odds of winning their cases, while pressuring immigration judges to plow through cases at an unheard-of rate. He’s removing the safety valves from the pipeline while increasing the pressure….

“Immigration court cases are famously complex if a judge considers all the possible outcomes. But if she’s just rubber-stamping deportations, they go much faster. And immigration judges and lawyers alike are deeply concerned that at the pace of three or more rulings a day, there is no way for immigration court to become anything other than a deportation assembly line.”

U.S. to begin deporting families with deportation orders, head of ICE warns (Arizona Republic, 5/22/18)

“President Donald Trump’s top immigration enforcer told Congress on Tuesday that his agency will soon begin aggressively deporting immigrant families who have been ordered to leave the United States but haven’t left.

“One thing ICE is in the process of doing is we are going to step up our enforcement of family units that have final orders of removal,” ICE Interim Director Thomas Homan said during a House Border Security and Maritime subcommittee hearing.”


The return of the DACA fight in Congress, explained (Vox, 5/24/18)

“As of Wednesday afternoon, Denham officially had 204 signatories, including more than 20 Republicans. At this point, House lawmakers, even those opposed to the petition, concede Denham’s push will likely get enough signatories, even as Republican leadership has been lobbying aggressively against the petition. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he can “guarantee you a discharge petition will not make law” — hinting the outcome would be too liberal for President Trump to sign.”

Three reasons moderate Republicans are backing a DACA vote (Washington Post, 5/23/18)

  1. They come from the most Hispanic Republican districts.
  2. Most face competitive re-election fights or are retiring.
  3. Others are acting on behalf of farmers in their districts.

Trump says no immigration deal without ‘real wall’ (CBS/WCCO, 5/24/18) No matter what Republicans in Congress pass, it will have to get past Trump. He told Fox and Friends that he won’t sign anything unless it “improves a wall, and I mean a wall, a real wall, and unless it improves very strong border security, there’ll be no approvals from me.”

And in other news

ICE officials in Mass. halt controversial practice of office arrests (Boston Globe, 5/23/18)

In a tense court hearing Tuesday, Thomas Brophy, the acting director of Boston’s ICE field office, told US District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf that he ordered an end to the arrests on Feb. 16 after learning that immigrants seeking legal status after marrying US citizens had been arrested during scheduled visits to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services offices.

Minneapolis cop cars to be fitted with signs informing undocumented immigrants of ICE rights (Bring Me The News, 5/24/18) Mayor Jacob Frey:

“I believe that those who are undocumented should be aware of their rights with the same level of clarity. That’s why today we are announcing that Minneapolis police cars will soon be outfitted with language from our City Attorney’s Office outlining those rights.

“We will be installing placards with language – in both English and Spanish – detailing a person’s rights as far as they relate to ICE.”

Donald Trump made 8 misleading claims about immigration on Fox and Friends (Politifact, 5/24/18)

We counted at least eight faulty claims in less than five minutes.

“In the interview that aired May 24, Trump lauded his administration’s efforts at the border, criticized the diversity visa program, and called out policies that he believes threaten the nation’s security.”


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