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An anti-immigrant banner drop in St. Cloud, Minnesota appeared and was immediately removed by police. The banner was apparently the work of  Identity Evropa, a national group with racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-immigrant views. UniteCloud says that the hate speech does not represent a majority sentiment in St. Cloud, and describes how the group tried to trick UniteCloud and other progressive organizations into giving them publicity.  [I wrote about this event, and about its larger implications in a News Day post titled “Not your father’s racists.”]

Is white nationalist banner an ‘escalation move’ in St. Cloud? (St. Cloud Times, 1/1/18)

“A banner reading “No More Refugees. Americans First. Identity Evropa” appears to mark the first publicly known connection between St. Cloud and a white nationalist group that participated in August’s Unite the Right demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. The hallmark chant of that event — “You will not replace us” — appears often on Identity Evropa banners and literature.

“Assistant St. Cloud Police Chief Jeff Oxton said an officer spotted the banner about 6:07 a.m. on Dec. 23 hanging from a walking bridge over Minnesota Highway 23 near Wilson Avenue. Police removed it immediately.”

You will not define us (UniteCloud,12/31/17)

“We received a Facebook message with a picture of the banner and the location of its placement. As soon as we received the message, a #unitecloud team member drove to the location and saw that the banner was no longer up. Another #unitecloud team member investigated the Facebook account that we got the message from and found it to be a fake account (no friends, only a profile and cover photo).

“The #unitecloud leadership team was alerted to the happenings, and weighed in on what our response should be. We decided at that time that Identity Evropa was attempting to have us do their dirty work for them.“

What “chain migration” really means — and why Donald Trump hates it so much (Vox, 12/29/17) “Family-based immigration” doesn’t sound scary enough, so Trump calls it “chain migration.”

“In practice, bringing over a family member takes years — which makes it very hard to build a chain

“No one is automatically allowed to immigrate to the US. Anyone applying for residency in the country has to go through a standard vetting process — including a criminal and terrorism background check, and an evaluation of whether they’re likely to become a “public charge” in the US (i.e., be unable to support themselves for income and rely on social programs).

“The bigger obstacle, though, isn’t qualifying to immigrate — it’s that the number of hypothetically qualified family-based immigrants greatly exceeds the number of slots available for immigrants each year….

“When people talk about the “visa backlog,” this is what they mean: In January 2018, for example, the US government will start processing applications for F4 visas (the siblings of US citizens) who first petitioned to let them immigrate on June 22, 2004, or earlier.” 

Trump: Give me a border wall or I’ll deport the Dreamers (New York, 12/29/17)

“Donald Trump just made Democrats an offer they can’t accept. In a Friday-morning tweet, the president issued an ultimatum: Build me a border wall — and make it harder for legal immigrants to bring their foreign family members into the United States (a.k.a. “chain migration”) — or the Dreamers get it.”

One year of immigration under Trump (The Intercept, 12/31/17)

Trump is wrapping up his first calendar year as president, and he’s failed to make policy progress on many of his campaign promises. But when it comes to immigration, the president has proven to be much more than just a big talker. In his first year, he’s significantly uprooted immigration policy, tearing apart the families of longtime residents and erecting significant barriers in the face of would-be immigrants to the United States.

“I think it’s clear that this administration wants to bring any sort of immigration to the U.S. to a halt, whether it’s legal or what’s touted as illegal immigration,” said Annaluisa Padilla, a California-based immigration attorney and president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “The administration simply does not want any immigrants.”

Pace of Chicago immigration coudrt slows to a crawl as record numbers navigate system (Chicago Tribune, 11/18) Her case arrived in immigration court in 2015. The hearing is set for 2019.

“She was orphaned at 13 when her parents were killed in the mid-1990s by a criminal gang that wanted her family’s farmland. Nearly 20 years later, her brother was slain by members of the same gang and her husband beaten nearly to death, sending her fleeing with two young daughters from Honduras to the Texas-Mexico border.”

The ‘Double Punishment’ for Black Undocumented Immigrants (The Atlantic, 12/30/17)

Although only 7 percent of non-citizens in the U.S. are black, they make up 20 percent of those facing deportation on criminal grounds.

“Research suggests that because black people in the United States are more likely to be stopped, arrested, and incarcerated, black immigrants may be disproportionately vulnerable to deportation. ”

Long queues at US airports as immigration computers go down (The Guardian, 1/1/18) The delay was about two hours, and did not appear to be caused deliberately.

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