Deportation machine and other immigration news – October 26, 2017

From a central Minnesota farm worker to a 10-year-old with cerebral palsy in Texas, the U.S. deportation machine keeps on grinding up families and lives.  

Central Minnesota farm worker remains in custody while immigration case is pending (AgWeek, 10/25/17)

“Nancy Estrada said her husband has a reasonable fear hearing Tuesday, Nov. 7. At that time, he has to prove he fears going back to Guatemala….

“Our children and I are devastated, as are his friends and community,” she said. “We are frightened for Julio, and we are wondering what is the future for any immigrant in our country?”

Texas girl, 10, with cerebral palsy faces deportation after trip to hospital (The Guardian, 10/25/17)

“A 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy is at risk of deportation after being stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint and accompanied to hospital by officers who waited outside her room as she recovered from surgery.

“Rosa Maria Hernandez was born in Mexico but has lived in the US since she was three months old. She was being taken from the Texas border city of Laredo to Corpus Christi for a gallbladder operation, travelling in an ambulance with a relative who is a US citizen.” 

ICE Agents Are Starting to Text Immigrant Targets (The Portland Mercury, 10/25/17)

“‘Officer Smith’ is Scott P. Smith, an agent with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The address on Macadam is the local ICE headquarters in Southwest Portland. The man he texted, who the Mercury has agreed not to name, is suspected by ICE to be living in the United states illegally and was recently charged with a misdemeanor in Multnomah County.

“Smith soon got the man on the phone, attorneys say, and manipulated him into divulging his native country and immigration status. The agent was collecting evidence against him for a potential deportation proceeding.”

ICE Arrested a Man in Oregon Without a Warrant. Senators Want to Know Why (New York Times, 10/24/17) The ICE agents refused to identify themselves, and the man who was arrested has since been released, “pending investigation of the incident.”

“The co-worker recording the cellphone video, George Cardenas, then asks the agents why his colleague is being arrested and what the charges are, but none are specified. He asks them repeatedly to identify themselves and tells the agents they are trespassing, but the one agent who speaks throughout the encounter says the house is a place of business, apparently because the two men are working inside.

“Mr. Cardenas says that the homeowners live in the furnished basement, and points out their car.

“If you guys don’t have a warrant, you’re kind of breaking the law,” Mr. Cardenas said. “Well, you are breaking the law, basically, at this point.”

[United States Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley] wrote to ICE that people “do not lose their constitutional protection from warrantless search and seizure simply because ICE believes they may be immigrants.” 

Mexican Immigrant Takes Sanctuary in Western Colorado Church (U.S. News, 10/25/17) She has lived in the western Colorado for 16 years.

“Sandra Lopez of Silt moved into Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist Church in Carbondale with her 2-year-old daughter last week after immigration officials denied her request to delay deportation. Lopez, who also has two older children, is the fifth immigrant living in the country illegally to seek sanctuary in a Colorado house of worship this year.” 

Immigrant leader takes sanctuary in Carbondale church (Post Independent, 10/25/17)

“By taking sanctuary, I am showing my face. I am not running, I am not hiding. I’m fighting for my family, and all the immigrant families facing separation due to an unjust system,” Lopez said in a written statement. “We need to unite, come together as a community to protect each other, to keep fighting for humanitarian relief and humanitarian application of immigration laws. I’m fighting for my children, to be with them and with my husband. In these times, it’s difficult to maintain strong families for so many reasons; why would our government be attempting to separate us when we are working to provide a good home and life for our children? I don’t understand it, and I feel it deeply in my heart.”

“We need this system to be fixed, this immigration system that has been broken for many, many years. And now under the administration of Trump it is even harder,” she said Tuesday.” 

And in other news

Expelling Immigrant Workers May Also Send Away the Work They Do (New York Times, 10/24/17)

““Foreign workers will always be harvesting our crops,” Tom Nassif, who heads the Western Growers Association, told me. The only question for policymakers in Washington is whether “they want them to be harvesting in our economy or in another country.” If they choose the latter, he warned, they might consider that each farmworker sustains two to three jobs outside the fields.” 

Undocumented teen immigrant has the abortion she sought for weeks (Washington Post, 10/25/17)

“The 17-year-old crossed illegally into the United States after making the trek north from Central America. She dreamed of studying nursing and, someday, caring for senior citizens. Having a baby, her lawyers say, was not part of her plans….

“Early Wednesday, after an appeals court ruling in her favor, the teenager identified as Jane Doe in court papers left a federally funded Texas shelter, where she had been kept under close watch, and terminated her pregnancy.”

As Sanctuary State, California Takes Deportation Fight to New Level (Huffington Post, 10/23/17)

As more states and counties take immigration policy into their own hands, California is stepping up its fight to protect unauthorized immigrants by not only refusing to detain immigrants slated for deportation, but now also by declining to tell federal immigration officials when they will be released from local jails.”

Republicans quietly draft Dreamers deal (Politico, 10/24/17)

“Preliminary talks show that influential GOP senators are eager to devise a legislative fix for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that could pass muster with both Democrats and President Donald Trump, who said he will start winding down the Obama-era program in March to force lawmakers to come up with a permanent DACA measure with significant border security and enforcement provisions attached…

“It’s a Rubik’s cube with five dimensions,” [Senator David]Perdue said….

“We cannot put comprehensive immigration reform on the backs of these kids,” [Senator Dick] Durbin said in an interview. “That is unfair and the long list of things that Republicans want to do include many things that need to be saved for a later debate on a comprehensive bill.” 





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