Latest on sanctuary cities vs. Trump administration and other immigration news – July 27, 2017

Sanctuary City

The Department of Justice announced new sanctions on sanctuary cities, but the scope of the DOJ action is very limited. Cities will be penalized if they do not comply with three conditions:

  • give Department of Homeland Security agents access to jails to question undocumented immigrants;
  • give DHS agents 48 hours advance notice when undocumented immigrants are about to be released from custody;
  • do not prevent  public employees from giving the feds information about someone’s immigration status.

Note: these conditions do NOT include a requirement to honor ICE detainer warrants, which have been found unconstitutional by a number of courts.

The penalty is denial of eligibility for Byrne Justice Assistance grants. That’s a relatively small pot of money – the administration has asked for $380 million for next year.

Hennepin sheriff’s cooperation with ICE raises outcry (Star Tribune, 7/26/17)

“Stanek’s office does not honor requests to hold inmates longer for immigration agents. But it does alert Immigration and Customs Enforcement when deputies book foreign-born inmates, among other assists.

“Such practices spend county resources to do the feds’ bidding and undermine trust in immigrant communities, say a county commissioner, the Hennepin public defender’s office, and immigration attorneys and activists.

“What the sheriff is doing is making it much easier for ICE to target our clients,” said Mary Moriarty, Hennepin County’s chief public defender.

Immigration Lawyers Aren’t Being Allowed to Use Electronic Devices in Court, And It’s Hurting Clients (Buzzfeed, 7/25/17)

“Government lawyers aren’t blocked from using laptops and tablets during immigration proceedings, and immigration attorneys say they should have the same right.”

Why Immigrants Were Given Legal Status by Ronald Reagan (Newsweek, 7/25/17) For a little historical perspective, Newsweek republishes an explainer from 1981, when President Ronald Reagan proposed amnesty for undocumented immigrants, which eventually became law in 1986.

“The administration proposes to deal with illegal aliens in two ways. Illegals with 10 years’ continuous residency could become eligible immediately for permanent-resident status. Others would become eligible by degrees, providing they had immigrated before January 1, 1981. The purpose of spacing out the granting of permanent-resident status, officials say, is to soften its demographic and financial impact.”

Immigrants arrested near Capitol during DACA protest (Texas Tribune, 7/27/17)

“Protesters were arrested near the state Capitol on Wednesday in a demonstration designed to challenge the state’s position on an Obama-era immigration program and test Travis County’s immigration policy.”

Trump Says Immigrant Gang Members ‘Slice and Dice’ Young, Beautiful Girls (Newsweek, 7/26/17)

“Trump said illegal immigrant gang members are like “animals” and that they’re not using guns to kill people “because it’s too fast and it’s not painful enough.”

Survivors of Texas truck where 10 immigrants died seek to trade testimony for visas (Reuters, 7/27/17)

“There is precedent for such visas and it could help U.S. authorities bring more people to justice, experts said. So far, only one person has been charged, the driver of the truck who said he was unaware of the human cargo aboard until he took a rest stop in San Antonio. He could face the death penalty if convicted.”

ICE Hotline Used to Report Five Immigration Raids This Week (Westword, 7/26/17)

“Castedo says each report was independently verified by one of the network’s confirmers, who are trained in how to interact with ICE officers, and that the network has records for thirteen individuals that were detained throughout the state early this week.

“Undoubtedly, there are more, we just don’t have their information yet,” Castedo adds. “And at least eleven of the people arrested were bystanders and were not being ‘targeted’ by ICE’s investigations, but once ICE uses intimidation tactics to find out about someone’s status and people get scared and they answer, they will also get taken…”

Business Owners: How to Respond to a Federal Immigration Raid (LA West Media, 7/25/17)

“Southland immigrant-advocacy groups joined forces Tuesday to announce a campaign to teach business owners and workers how to respond if federal immigration authorities conduct a workplace raid.”

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