Trump travel ban loses again, and other immigration news – May 26, 2017

judge's gavel weissparzThe Fourth Circuit’s decision upheld the district court that blocked Trump’s Muslim ban. This was a big deal — not just because of the length of the 205-page decision, not just because the court heard the appeal en banc, but because of the strong language used to denounce Trump’s executive order:

“The question for this Court, distilled to its essential form, is whether the Constitution … remains “a law for rulers and people, equally in war and in peace.” And if so, whether it protects Plaintiffs’ right to challenge an Executive Order that in text speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.”

And on page 76:

“When the government chooses sides on religious issues, the “inevitable result” is “hatred, disrespect and even contempt” towards those who fall on the wrong side of the line. Engel v. Vitale, 370 U.S. 421, 431 (1962). Improper government involvement with religion “tends to destroy government and to degrade religion,” id., encourage persecution of religious minorities and nonbelievers, and foster hostility and division in our pluralistic society. The risk of these harms is particularly acute here, where from the highest elected office in the nation has come an Executive Order steeped in animus and directed at a single religious group.”

The Ninth Circuit has yet to rule on the Trump administration appeal from a district court decision halting the executive order. However it rules, the case is clearly headed for U.S. Supreme Court.  Here’s the link to the entire Fourth Circuit decision, and links to several news articles on the Fourth Circuit decision are listed below.

Appeals court will not reinstate Trump’s revised travel ban (New York Times, 5/25/17)

Block against Trump’s travel ban upheld by appeals court (AP on  PBS, 5/25/17)

Appeals court upholds injunction blocking Trump’s travel ban (The Hill, 5/25/17)

The Trump administration just lost its best chance at a legal win on the travel ban (Vox, 5/25/17)

Trump budget targets immigrants

Trump Budget Takes Broad Aim at Undocumented Immigrants (New York Times, 5/25/17)

“Mr. Trump has requested a $2.7 billion increase for border security and immigration enforcement, part of a nearly 7 percent increase for the Department of Homeland Security. But his targeting of immigrants reaches beyond spending freely to track and deport them.

“The proposal also calls for new steps to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving tax credits, including adding a new requirement that those claiming the child tax credit provide a verifiable Social Security Number valid for employment, and tightening current rules that mandate that a Social Security number be furnished to claim the earned-income tax credit.”

Trump’s budget is hiding a ‘radical’ change in immigration law — and it could mean war for sanctuary cities (Business Insider, 5/24/17)

“The Trump administration tucked into its 1,284-page budget proposal appendix a new plan to compel cities and counties to assist federal authorities in detaining and deporting unauthorized immigrants….

“Yet Trump’s budget proposal undercuts Sessions’ memo by including an amendment to 8 USC 1373 that dramatically expands the amount of information covered under the statute.

“Instead of exchanging only immigration and citizenship statuses, localities would also be required to share information on immigrants’ removability, inmates’ scheduled release dates and times, home addresses, work addresses, or contact information of suspected unauthorized immigrants.”

And in other news

Immigration anxiety got Trump elected. Congress isn’t touching it. (Vox, 5/24/17)

“If you ask congressional Republicans about Trump’s ambitious immigration agenda, from building the wall to passing new immigration restrictions, you’re more likely to get a chuckle or a wink than a timeline. Background conversations with Republican aides all indicated the same thing: Immigration isn’t at the forefront of anyone’s agenda right now. It’s a conclusion that’s at times reached with actual laughter…..

“DACA kids are going to start timing out on us soon, so that issue will come up on us — but it’s too early still,” Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that allows undocumented immigrants who arrived as children to receive a renewable two-year relief from deportation.

“Trump has implied both that the White House would stop reviewing renewal applications and that he would continue the program. For now, he has not taken any action on DACA.”

New immigration crackdowns creating ‘chilling effect’ on crime reporting (NPR, 5/25/17)

“People are afraid to talk to the police, and how does that help us as police do our job?” Robles asked.

“Their boss, Chief Art Acevedo, citing Houston Police Department data, says Hispanics reporting sexual assault have dropped nearly 43 percent in the first three months of this year, compared to last year. And the number of Hispanic-reported robberies and aggravated assaults are each down 12 percent.

“What we’ve created is a chilling effect that we’re already starting to see the beginning of,” Acevedo said. “They’re afraid that we’re more interested as a society in deporting them than we are in bringing justice to the victims of crime.”

Federal agents nab nearly 200 people in L.A. area immigration raids targeting criminals (Los Angeles Times, 5/25/17)

“In the three months after Trump took office, agents in the L.A. field office made 2,273 arrests — marking little change from the 2,166 arrests during the same period last year and a decline from the 2,719 arrests in 2015, according to ICE figures. Ninety percent of the people arrested this year had criminal records, the highest percentage among all ICE offices in the United States, the numbers show.

“The L.A. figures differ starkly from those in Atlanta, Dallas and elsewhere, where the number of people without criminal records arrested by ICE has jumped dramatically in the months since Trump took office. In Atlanta, for example, noncriminal arrests rose more than fivefold over last year and accounted for a third of all ICE arrests.”

Protesters want jails where immigrant detainees died shut down (CBS46-Atlanta, 5/25/17)

“On May 15, Jean-Carlos Jimenez-Joseph died in the Stewart Detention Center in southwest Georgia. Jimenez-Joseph, who was in the process of being deported to his home country of Panama after being convicted of stealing a car in North Carolina, hanged himself after days of isolation.

“The next day, in the city of Atlanta, Atulkumar Babubhai Patel, a 58-year-old Indian national, died of heart failure. He was being held at the Atlanta city jail after flying into Atlanta’s airport without the necessary immigration papers.”

Accident Victim Questioned About Immigration Status Before Getting Help, Later Detained by Border Patrol (The Root, 5//17)

“A man in Key West, Fla., was hit by a car as he was riding his bicycle to work. The police officer who responded to the scene questioned the accident victim about his immigration status before offering medical assistance, and the entire exchange was captured on video by the officer’s body camera.”

Up to 600,000 immigrants in U.S. South may have path to legal status: Analysis (Reuters, 5/25/17)

A statistical review of immigrant screenings done by Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) determined that around 15 percent of the 4 million illegal immigrants in seven southern U.S. states had grounds to apply for legal status based on fears of persecution in their homeland, family ties or other factors.

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