Trump administration targeting Haitians and other immigration news – May 10, 2016

U.S. Digs for Evidence of Haitian Crimes (AP, 5/9/17) As the Trump administration gets ready to make a decision on Temporary Protected Status of 50,000 Haitians, which will expire on July 22, unless renewed:

“Internal emails obtained by The Associated Press show a top immigration official wanted not only crime data on Haitians who are protected from deportation under the Temporary Protected Status program, but also how many were receiving public benefits. Such immigrants aren’t eligible for welfare benefits….

From one of the emails:

“Please dig for any stories (successful or otherwise) that would show how things are in Haiti — i.e. rebuilding stories, work of nonprofits, how the U.S. is helping certain industries,” Kovarik wrote on April 28. “We should also find any reports of criminal activity by any individual with TPS. Even though it’s only a snapshot and not representative of the entire situation, we need more than ‘Haiti is really poor’ stories.”

Up to 55,000 Haitians Face Deportation If Trump Refuses to Extend Temporary Protected Status (Democracy Now, 5/9/17)

“Under Obama, the State Department examined the same circumstances and recommended Haitians be allowed to remain in the United States. Immigrant rights advocates note Haiti is still reeling from Hurricane Matthew, which, in October 2016, destroyed the country’s southwest peninsula. The hurricane killed more than a thousand people and decimated villages and farmland. Haiti is also suffering from a devastating cholera epidemic that erupted after the earthquake.”

My two messed-up countries: An immigrant’s dilemma (The Guardian, 5/8/17)

“There is the native home you have left, and the adoptive home in which you make conscious efforts to assimilate. Since I moved to the US as a teenager, it has been, for me, both a refuge and the future. Or, at least, that was the mantra I adopted to cope with the challenges of settling down in a land where I was perpetually viewed as “other”. And until recently, when Donald Trump rose on an anti-immigrant ticket that proved unnervingly popular, I felt I had done so largely successfully….

“For immigrants, home is a complicated thing. The act of leaving your country of origin – the place where your people have lived for generations, and where your parents or grandparents will live out their old age without you – and relocating to the unknown suggests that the forces that compelled you to leave were desperate. For many of us, our native home is mired in nostalgia, regret and guilt.”

Editorial: Minnesota’s Daudt should show statesmanship on Real ID (Grand Forks Herald, 5/4/17)

“On Real ID, Democrats already have done their part: they’ve compromised. Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton has, too.

“That means it’s Daudt’s turn.”

Five things to know about Texas’ ‘sanctuary city’ law (The Hill, 5/8/17) Good description of details of law.

Mexico and police chief slam Texas’ new ‘sanctuary city’ ban (AP via Star Tribune, 5/8/17)

“The Mexican government, San Antonio’s police chief and others slammed Texas’ new “sanctuary cities” law on Monday, saying that requiring local law enforcement to help enforce U.S. immigration law could lead to racial profiling and will fan distrust of the police by the state’s many Hispanics.

“The law, which takes effect in September and which critics say is the most anti-immigrant since a 2010 Arizona law, will allow police officers to ask about the immigration status of anyone they detain, including during routine traffic stops.”

Trump’s remarks about Muslims could be what ends the travel ban, testimony suggests (The Guardian, 5/8/17)

Group Sues to Continue Giving Immigrants Legal Help (US News, 5/8/17)

“The U.S. Justice Department has ordered a Seattle-based immigrant rights group to halt a large part of the work it does to advise immigrants of their legal rights and help them fill out paperwork — a demand that the organization says would force thousands of people to go without legal help in deportation cases.

“The nonprofit Northwest Immigrant Rights Project sued the Justice Department Monday in federal court in Seattle in an effort to block the order.”

Solidarity MN unites philanthropy in effort to support urgent needs facing Minnesota immigrants and refugees (Prensa Latina, 5/9/17)

“Solidarity MN–a coalition of foundations recently formed in response to the challenging and uncertain climate for immigrants and refugees–today announced that it will provide aid to relief organizations and invest in the strength of immigrant and refugee leaders. The coalition will immediately begin making micro grants totaling $100,000.”

Report: Medical woes at US immigrant detention centres (BBC, 5/9/17)

“A new report by the Human Rights Watch and Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (Civic) found that detainees received subpar medical care in 16 of 18 Ice death investigations obtained by the group, and evaluated by several health professionals.

“Additionally, the doctors reviewed 12 sets of medical records from people who had reported inadequate medical care to a hotline run by Civic.

“‘We’re not claiming that this is a representative sample,’ said Grace Meng, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. ‘But the problems that were found were systemic problems that would put other people at risk.'”

And in Europe

Police Evict Up To 1,600 Migrants From Makeshift Camp In Paris (NPR, 5/9/17)

Police Evict Refugees from Makeshift Paris Camp (Al Jazeera, 5/9/17)

“The makeshift camps present ‘major risks for the security and health of their occupants as well as for local residents”‘ Paris police said in a statement….

“‘The government will take us into houses. I don’t know where but it’s fine,’ said Said, who said he had been sleeping outside for a month.”

Migrant crisis: UN says 250 missing in shipwrecks (BBC, 5/9/17)

“Some 163 people are missing after a boat reportedly sank off the Libyan coast on Sunday, the UN said.

“Another sank on Friday night and, though some 50 people were rescued and taken to Sicily, about 82 are missing.”

Italian forces ignored a sinking ship full of Syrian refugees and let more than 250 drown, says leaked audio (Washington Post, 5/9/17)

“Almost four years ago, 268 Syrian refugees — including 60 children — lost their lives in a shipwreck about 60 miles south of Lampedusa, a small Italian island that sits between Sicily and Tunisia. It was considered one of the worst tragedies of the European refugee crisis, but a leaked audiotape published Monday by the magazine L’Espresso suggested that Italian authorities let the Syrians drown despite being alerted several hours earlier that the refugees’ ship was in danger.”


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