Links and stories – March 8, 2017

no-human-is-illegalThe stories keep coming: In Phoenix, a single father of three U.S. citizen children was deported when he went to ICE for a meeting. He had lived in the United States for 20 years, and was gone in less than 24 hours, without even a chance to say goodbye to his children.

In  Houston, Piro Garcia owned two popular taco trucks. Immigration officers came to one of the trucks at breakfast time and took him away in handcuffs – based on a 1994 deportation order.

Single father from Mexico in US for 20 years deported after Ice ‘check-in’ (The Guardian, 3/4/17)

Juan Carlos Fomperosa García planned to celebrate his son’s 17th birthday on Thursday. But first, he had to go in for a meeting around 9am with immigration officials in Phoenix for what he believed was to discuss his request for asylum.

“He walked in. An hour later, they brought me a bag with his stuff and that was it,” said Yennifer Sanchez, Fomperosa García’s 23-year-old daughter.

By the next morning, the 20-year U.S. resident, father of three U.S. citizens, had been deported to Mexico.

Piro’s Taco Trucks are Beloved. Now He’s Facing Deportation. (NPR, 3/7/17)

“There’s plenty of illegal immigrants here that are breaking the law, selling drugs, prostitution. That’s who they should go after, not the hard-working people that are trying to make a living honestly,” says Paul Eberson, an Army veteran who keeps a workshop next to one of Piro’s food trucks….

“I’m scared all the time,” says Leticia, her voice cracking. She owns a retail business down the street from one of his taco trucks. She asked to use only her first name because she, too, is in the country illegally, though she has no pending removal order. For 25 years in Houston, she quietly built her business, bought a home, and raised five children. Trump’s crackdown has changed everything.

Aggressive interrogation of artists and writers at U.S. border (PEN America, 3/3/17)

“[M]ore and more reports are emerging of travelers—including U.S. citizens returning home—being subjected to aggressive interrogations at the border that leave them humiliated, angry, and bewildered. Several prominent writers have spoken out in recent weeks about such experiences, which have altered their views of the United States and what it stands for.”

Nigeria Seeks US Immigration Clarity, Advises Against Non-Urgent Travel (VOA, 3/6/17) Nigerian travelers with valid multiple-entry visas report being turned back at U.S. airports – and they’re not even from one of the six targeted countries.

Hungary passes bill to detain all asylum seekers (Al Jazeera, 3/7/17) and Hungary votes to ‘detain’ all asylum seekers in camps (Washington Post, 3/7/17) “… astonishing even by Hungarian standards — taking a nation already known for its tough stance on refugees into uncharted legal territory and risking a serious confrontation with the European Union.”

What Do ICE Raids Mean for the Rest of Us? (Monthly Review, 3/2/17)

“So we can expect the final price tag for the arrest and eventual deportation of 680 immigrants to be nearly $16 million, while the likely cost of President Trump’s promise to deport the 2 to 3 million immigrants he considers “bad hombres” would present us with a bill of $47 billion to $70 billion….

“The fear of deportation hangs over these workers whenever they consider asking for a raise, or reporting unsafe conditions on the job, or organizing a union or a job action. And the ICE raids intensify this fear—usually not enough to make the immigrants return to the even worse situations in their home countries, but enough to push many of them into accepting still lower wages and still more dangerous working conditions.”

How Did We Get To 11 Million Unauthorized Immigrants? (NPR, 3/7/17)

Why America’s Universities Need Immigrants (The Atlantic, 3/7/17)

In 2016, six Americans won prizes in physics, chemistry, and economics. Each of these winners was an immigrant. They became Americans by choice, “bringing their energy and innovation to the nation.”

And more analysis of Trump’s new travel ban …

Five takeaways from Trump’s new travel ban (The Hill, 3/7/17)

Experts Say Trump’s New Travel Ban Targets People Rarely Linked To Attacks (NPR, 3/6/17)

Fact Checker gives three Pinocchio’s to Trump’s claim that ‘more than 300’ refugees are subjects of counterterrorism investigations (Washington Post, 3/6/17)


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