Links and stories – March 7, 2017


no-ban-no-wallNews of the day: Trump signs a new Muslim ban. Here’s the full text of the order, and news articles and analysis are listed below. The new ban will go into effect in two weeks, and will bar people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen from entering the United States for 90 days. The order applies to nationals of those countries who do not have a valid visa as of the date of the order, and who were outside the United States as of the date of the order, with exceptions for legal permanent residents and people already granted refugee status.

The order also suspends refugee admissions and reduces admissions for the current fiscal year to 50,000, less than half the previously-set quota.

The 14-page order is long, complicated, and provides for exceptions and waivers. It will be immediately challenged in court by the ACLU and  other organizations and by New York State and other states. An ACLU spokesperson said, “The only way to actually fix the Muslim ban is not to have a Muslim ban.” The Department of Homeland Security said last week that citizenship is not a good indicator of danger.

Contrary to the president’s statements, the New York Times reported (again) that “none of the recent terrorist attacks or mass shootings on American soil were perpetrated by attackers from the nations listed in the ban.”

Revised executive order bans travelers from six Muslim-majority countries from getting new visas (Washington Post, 3/6/17)

Trump’s claim that ‘more than 300′ refugees are the subject of counterterrorism investigations (Washington Post, 3/6/17) – claim gets three Pinocchios from Fact Checker

Advocate: DHS Proposal to Split  Children From Parents at US Border  is “State Sanctioned Violence” (Democracy Now, 3/6/17)

“DHS is considering a proposal to separate mothers from their children if they are caught trying to cross the border together. Under the plan, mothers would be held in custody while children would initially be placed in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services. Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar criticized the new proposal. He said, “Bottom line: separating mothers and children is wrong. That type of thing is where we depart from border security and get into violating human rights.”

U.S. ‘may split families that cross the border’ (BBC, 3/6/17)

Mexico opens legal aid centres to fight US deportations (BBC, 3/6/17) The new centers are at Mexican consulates in 50 U.S. cities.

Meet Jocelyn Avelica, Whose Dad Was Detained by ICE While Driving his Daughter to School (Democracy Now, 3/6/17)

H-1B Visa Debate: Are Foreign Tech Workers Hired Over Americans? (NPR, 3/6/17)

How immigration enforcement tends to work. Sheriff Stanek explains (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 3/6/17)

Norwegian ship rescues 503 refugees from Med Sea (Associated Press, 3/5/17)

 It’s not just deportations and the border: Trump seeks to remake the immigration system (Washington Post, 3/6/17)


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News Day, written by Mary Turck, analyzes, summarizes, links to, and comments on reports from news media around the world, with particular attention to immigration, education, and journalism. Fragments, also written by Mary Turck, has fiction, poetry and some creative non-fiction. Mary Turck edited TC Daily Planet,, from 2007-2014, and edited the award-winning Connection to the Americas and AMERICAS.ORG, in its pre-2008 version. She is also a recovering attorney and the author of many books for young people (and a few for adults), mostly focusing on historical and social issues.
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