Latest links and stories – February 24, 2017

This will not be normalized.pngI collect immigration news on a Flipboard magazine. Since I can’t yet embed that magazine on my blog, I’m  posting some of the latest links each weekday morning. Today –

Trump touts recent immigration raids, calls them a ‘military operation’ (Washington Post, 2/23/2017) and Trump calls deportation push a ‘military operation’ (The Hill, 2/23/2017)  but his Secretary of Homeland Security immediately contradicts him:  DHS chief: Military won’t be used for deportations (The Hill,2/23/2017) 

Federal agents ask domestic flight passengers to show IDs in search for undocumented immigrant (Washington Post, 2/23/2017) The Customs and Border Protection agents claimed they were searching for a specific person who had an outstanding deportation order.

“It is unclear what would have happened had officials found other undocumented immigrants getting off the airplane and whether they would have faced deportation if identified. It is also unclear what would have happened to any passenger who refused to produce his or her identification for the agents.

“Is this a mere request to see identification?” Wells said. “Would they have been detained but for them showing ID? Because then it’s no longer a consensual encounter and the Constitution enters the equation.”

New deportation orders have immigrant advocates in Minnesota scrambling (MinnPost, 2/23/2017)

“That’s because there are only 300 immigration judges in the country, and pending cases are at a record high. On average, each judge has a backlog of about 1,800 cases to hear. That leads to lengthy delays, said Deep Gulasekaram, who teaches constitutional and immigration law at Santa Clara University.

“It’s early 2017 now; it’s not unusual to see court dates for people that are in 2020, late 2020,” he said. “So we’re thinking three years hence for when you actually get your case heard.”

Overwhelmed Courts Could Limit Impact Of Adding Immigration Officers (NPR, 2/24/2017)

Democrats can resist Trump’s mass deportations (Washington Post,2/23/2017)

“Estimates vary on the cost of hiring, training, and equipping 10,000 ICE agents, but a recent Politico piece estimated the cost to be as high as $4 billion a year. (Politico also reported that there are serious logistical challenges in ramping up that force.) And so, the question of whether to appropriate the money for this stepped up deportation force is likely to become a major flash point in coming budget fights.”

Plan To Disrupt Immigration Raids Will Enlist Songs And Prayers (NPR, 2/24/2017)

Landowners likely to bring more lawsuits as Trump moves on border wall (NPR, 2/23/2017)

Federal agents in Texas move hospitalized Salvadoran woman awaiting emergency surgery to a detention facility (Los Angeles Times, 2/23/2017)

“Beltran-Hernandez was transferred from the detention center to the hospital in Fort Worth this month after complaining of headaches, nosebleeds and memory loss. Doctors diagnosed a brain tumor and put her on a waiting list for emergency surgery, which was supposed to take place this weekend, according to her legal team. They were stunned when the agents removed her from the hospital Wednesday.

“They had tied up her hands and ankles,” Melissa Zuniga, another paralegal on the case, said in a text message. “I don’t understand why at all when she’s extremely sick and being moved in a wheelchair.”

Undocumented woman with brain tumor seized by federal agents at Texas hospital; family fears she may die (NY Daily News, 2/23/2017)

Justice Department will again use private prisons (Washington Post, 2/23/2017)

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement, for example, inked a contract in October to use a New Mexico facility that the Justice Department had moved Bureau of Prisons inmates out of. The facility has a history of questionable deaths and substandard medical care.

“A government panel recommended in December that the Department of Homeland Security continue with its use of private immigrant-detention facilities — saying they were the only realistic way to handle the volatile flows at the border. But the panel’s report was the subject of a contentious debate, and more than two-thirds of a broader government group objected to its conclusion.”

Without Warrants, Immigration Agents Often Pose As Police Officers (NPR, 2/21/2017)

Los Angeles officials urge ICE agents to stop identifying themselves as police (Los Angeles Times, 2/23/2017)

THE MEMO: Trump’s big immigration gamble (The Hill, 2/23/2017)

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