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Defending the DREAMers

Paola came to the United States from Mexico as a two-year-old. She’s 23 now. Jose was a child when his parents brought him here. Now he’s 30. Danna came when she was eight. Now she’s a 24-year-old college senior. Kenia … Continue reading

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Muslim registration: Been there, done that

Register Muslims? Been there, done that. Yeah – for real. All you Facebook friends proclaiming that when the government requires registration of Muslims, you’ll go register, here’s the news flash from 2002.

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Girls and gangs in Central America

Fleeing sex slavery should be grounds for refugee status, right? Not for girls from Honduras and El Salvador, whose plight is largely ignored by immigration bureaucracies in the United States and Mexico. Many get caught in Mexico, trying to make … Continue reading

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Fact check: Immigrants and crime

  The anti-immigrant drumbeat that permeated the presidential campaign continues after the election, with Trump pledging to deport criminals. But wait a minute: are immigrants really a danger to the nation? The numbers show that immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, are … Continue reading

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Fact check: Fear and deportation

A personal note: Time to start writing about immigration news again. I’m finding it hard to write about news these days, or even to read the news. Still, I know we need to pay attention, painful as that is. Immigration … Continue reading

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Fact check: Who are the terrorists?

Vox puts the numbers in perspective: you are more likely to die by having your clothing melt or catch on fire than you are to die from an immigrant terrorist attack.

With that in mind, maybe we ought to pass legislation mandating nudity. Continue reading

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