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Three-year-olds, immigration law, and the presidential candidates

David Wilson and Jane Guskin explain what’s wrong with the mainstream immigration debate, including the Sanders/Clinton pseudo-discussion in their March 9 debate: “The media and the politicians treat the migration either as a natural disaster (‘flooding over the border’) or … Continue reading

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As France clears “the jungle,” refugees flee to even worse camps

French authorities cleared a Calais refugee camp called “the jungle” this week — and the refugees displaced from the squalid camp scattered to set up even less secure camps nearby. But what did the French government expect? The refugees in … Continue reading

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As borders close, refugee crisis in Europe escalates

This week, the already-terrible refugee crisis in Europe got worse, as Turkey and the E.U. reached an agreement that severely restricts refugee movement, and Balkan nations closed borders, leaving refugees stranded in makeshift camps.

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