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‘Death is our destiny’ — Syrian refugees

As U.S. attention focuses on ugly Republican debates, Syrians continue to die: some before they can escape the bombs, and others, after escaping, drowning in the Aegean Sea. Throughout the region, countries are overwhelmed with refugees. Jordan has 1.4 million … Continue reading

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Will raids inspire more sanctuary churches?

Back in the 1980s, a network of U.S. churches and synagogues offered sanctuary to Central American refugees and organized an “overground railroad” to take them to safety in Canada. Now the U.S. immigration raids directed at Central American women and … Continue reading

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FBI blackmailing immigrants

I’ve been skeptical of BuzzFeed in the past, but once in a while they really nail it. Case in point: a January 28 story about the FBI demanding that Muslim immigrants spy on other Muslims as a pre-condition for having … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing and refugees in Europe

As refugees continue to enter European countries, they meet both hostility and welcome. Lately, the welcome seems to be wearing thin. And the international concern that met the photo of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi has faded away, with 2016 photos of … Continue reading

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Immigration agents should not be above the law

No warrants, no consent, no lawyers — that’s the story told by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s first-person report on raids targeting Central American mothers and children in January. Here’s part of Ana Silvia’s story:

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