Back to school, Minnesota immigration stories, and other immigration news – August 22, 2017

school busAs schools reconvene across the country, what can they do for undocumented students? Sanctuary schools have some ideas, and the Los Angeles district has published a 10-point safety guide.

In Minnesota news, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek made the New York Times, saying he’d like to do more to cooperate with ICE.  Continue reading

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Asian ice cream and other immigration articles – August 21, 2017

One of the sweetest immigration stories comes from St. Paul, where Wonders Ice Cream and Sota Hot and Cold offer an Asian specialty: rolled ice cream. Read about it in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press. Or just head over to the east end of University Avenue and try it yourself.

Hard work is a theme in two opinion articles that emphasize immigrants helping to build communities and local economies. Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona leads off with a reminiscence about Manuel Chaidez, who worked for his family’s ranch when Flake was just a boy. The Fergus Falls Journal editorializes about the Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition, and why Minnesota, in particular, needs more immigrants.

Immigrants always came for a better life, as the St. Cloud Times describes in a look back to families who were among the first immigrants to Stearns County. The Detroit News joins in with a description of today’s immigrants rebuilding Detroit’s population and economy through grit and entrepreneurship, and NPR offers a story of an immigrant building a business in a refugee camp.

Lots of bad news, too – including Trump ending the Central American Minors parole program, hospitals losing doctors, and immigrants dying on the border. Continue reading

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Debunking administration misstatements, Minnesota news and other immigration articles – August 18, 2017


Today’s stories include an Atlanta Journal-Constitution fact check of Attorney General Sessions’ false charges about ‘criminal aliens’ and an official DHS report saying that the administration’s demand for hiring 15,000 new immigration agents is not a good idea. Minnesota news includes anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant incidents, but also a new Somali art exhibit opening at MIA this weekend. Continue reading

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One more way immigrant workers get hurt and other immigration news – August 17, 2017


DACA rally - Portland - Joe Frazier

Photo by Joe Frazier, DACA rally in Portland, published under Creative Commons license.

An investigation by Pro Publica and NPR found that workers compensation insurance companies often not only deny medical care and wages to undocumented workers injured on the job but also compile dossiers and turn them over to immigration agents for arrest and deportation. Undocumented workers are more likely than others to be hurt on the job, because of the strenuous and sometimes dangerous work that they do. Almost all states say they are entitled to workers compensation for on-the-job injuries, but insurance companies have tried to weasel out of payment in various ways, including:

  • saying that the workers should only receive lost wage sin the amount they could have earned in their home countries, not the amount they were actually earning;
  • saying that using a false social security number constitutes a fraudulent claim, so the insurance company doesn’t have to pay;
  • telling immigration agents when and where the worker will give a deposition, so that can more easily be arrested and deported.

Read the whole story at They Got Hurt at Work – Then They Got Deported. Continue reading

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Protecting the Dreamers and other immigration news – August 16, 2017

Press conference large group

DACA leads today’s immigration news, from a press conference in St. Paul to the arrest of Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Maryland gubernatorial candidate (and former NAACP head) Ben Jealous in Washington. Almost 800,000 young Dreamers – people brought to this country as children – are now protected by DACA. They work, study, buy homes, pay taxes, and raise families across the country. Threats to DACA could mean an end to their protection from deportation – and a massive blow to the U.S. economy. Continue reading

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DACA at five and other immigration news – August 15, 2017


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 4.13.41 PMToday marks the fifth anniversary of the opening date for DACA applications. DACA is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the program established by President Obama in 2012 to give protection from deportation and work authorization to young people who arrived in this country with their parents before the age of 15. (As in all immigration matters, it’s a little more complicated – see What is DACA? for details.)

A DACA authorization is good for two years – then it must be renewed. The program itself also has to be renewed every two years. The next time it’s up for renewal is 2018, and nobody knows what Trump will do. He has threatened to end DACA, promised to protect the young people with DACA status, and generally left everyone uncertain of what to expect. DACA currently faces a legal challenge from Texas and nine other states. Will the Department of Justice defend DACA in court? Again – no one knows what to expect from this administration.

Meanwhile, more than 750,000 young people with DACA authorization continue studying, working, serving in the military, and otherwise contributing to the country. Here are a few of their stories, beginning with two from Minnesota. Continue reading

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Minnesota immigrant success stories and other immigration news – August 14, 2017


IMG_3334How about starting the week with some good news from Minnesota?
Continue reading

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